More examples of unlevel sites 1

There are a lot of unqualified people who call themselves landscapers. Our customer hired one of them here \to install a level stone base. Yes, this was supposed to be level! After a lot of work we got the shed level and secure but it looks terrible on the stone base that drops with the grade of the property.
The front of the shed is sitting on the ground and the back is elevated on blocks to make it level. This one is so severe that you can see right though to the grass in the other side of the shed. Not good.
When your shed needs to be blocked up to get level the ramp will not work. If we block up the ramp it will be too steep to be functional. This customer was going to add topsoil in front to bring the grade up for the ramp to work. It’s always better to take care of it before the shed is delivered.

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