Delivery Info

Your shed will be delivered by an owner of the company. With well over 10,000 sheds delivered, we have pretty much been faced with every challenge possible. This however, does not preclude the need for some preparation before we arrive. Please consider the following points when purchasing your shed:

If your shed is to be built and assembled at our shop, then delivered to you whole, in one finished piece…

  1. The shed slides off the back of a tilting trailer and onto rollers that lay on the ground. From that point the shed is rolled to its destination and positioned as you desire.
  2. There must be a path wide enough and high enough, free from obstructions, for the shed to be brought in.
  3. We ask that you provide a level site for the shed. Once it is in place, we will put a level on the floor and shim as necessary to get the shed level and properly supported.
  4. The shed will sit on pressure treated 4×4’s that run the length of the building providing support at every point along the way. These 4×4’s are guaranteed against decay so ground contact is no problem. The shed floor rests on the 4×4’s which allow airflow below and prevent moisture build up. When the surrounding area is level with the shed site, there will be a 7-1/2″ step up into your shed, similar to a step up into your home.
  5. Deliveries in general occur weekdays between sunrise and 3:30 pm. The typical delivery lasts between 20-40 minutes. You will choose your delivery date and time. We give you a two-hour window for our arrival.
  6. If you cannot be home during the time of delivery, we ask that you clearly mark out the site where you want the shed placed.  We will put it right on your marks.
  7. Please alert us to any steep inclines/declines or other hindrances on your property ahead of time.

If the shed is to be brought to you in pieces and assembled on your site…

  1. The walls and floor are prefabricated at our shop. They are carried or carted into your yard upright. We will need a free path to walk back to the site that has overhead clearance between 8 and 12 feet high (depending upon your shed size). If there are sharp turns, steps, or steep inclines we may need another way to access your yard. Please discuss any special situations with us.
  2. The area where the shed will go, and 2-feet all around the shed site must be level and free from obstructions. We require 24 inches of work space all around the shed in order to build it.
  3. Nail guns powered by an air compressor are used during assembly. Electric access is needed from you that we can plug into.
  4. Typical shed assembly begins with 2 or 3 of us and then ends up with one guys finishing construction. Several hours are needed from start to finish.