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Why should I buy a Kempton Shed?

Every shed that we sell is built by us. We are the manufacturer, not just a dealer, and we stand behind our workmanship. At Kempton, we excel in getting your shed to you when you want it, and we’ve been doing that for over 35 years.

What styles of sheds do you offer?

Each Kempton shed features an A-frame roof line offering maximum volume. The two building styles are the Gable and the Tackroom. The Gable building has the door usually on the longer wall and under the eave of the roof (providing a wide building) whereas the Tackroom’s door is on the end wall (providing a deeper building).

What are my shed’s siding options?

We offer three different siding choices to complement your existing landscape. They are: Cedar Bevel Siding, Vinyl Lap Siding and T-111 Textured Panel Siding.

What advantages are there to each of these three choices?

Cedar: Unparalleled quality. Premium Western Red Cedar from the forests of British Columbia, Canada. Standard on these sheds are true divided light wood windows with cedar shutters. The higher pitched roof and the side overhangs add to the aesthetic appeal of the Cedar Garden Building. These are the sheds that we started with in 1984 and we still have them out there from Day 1!

Vinyl: Beauty and low maintenance. The lifetime warranty on the vinyl siding says it all! Match the color of your shed’s siding with that of your home and be done with it. Even the white trim on the Kempton Vinyl Shed is waterproof, cellular PVC. The front door of the shed is painted with a premium 15-year Sherwin Williams latex coating providing a pre-finished door that matches the siding.  You can also choose to go with the fiberglass doors. Standard on these buildings are sliding windows (yes they open!) with screens and shutters.

T-111 Wood Panel Siding: Value without compromising quality. The engineered panel siding has grooves running vertically up the wall every 8 inches providing the classic barn-style siding. The Kempton T-111 is known as the “Utility Shed” and is the least expensive of the three. The shed is offered both factory primed as well as finish painted: a terrific value for such a well-built structure.

If I match the vinyl siding to my house, how about matching the roof?

We have many roof shingles to choose from. If we do not have a shingle to match your house then you are welcome to supply one to us and we’ll install it and credit you for our material that will not get used.

How much room do you need to get the shed in my yard?

We need a path back to the site that is at least 18 inches wider than the shed that you are getting (i.e. 9-1/2 foot-wide path for an 8×12 shed). However, if the path is not a straight one we may need more room to maneuver the shed while turning to the left and right along the path. There are also occasions when we can do it with less room. Tell us your situation and we will make that determination.

How soon can I have my shed?

At Kempton, we have in stock anywhere from fifty to one hundred sheds at all times. Most times when a customer orders one of these stock sheds they get delivery of it within a couple days (and sometimes we can follow you home). If we don’t have what you want in stock, we will build yours to order. Normal lead-time in this case is one-to-two weeks.

Do I need a permit?

We at Kempton do not require one but your municipality might. Each town has its own codes regarding building and zoning requirements so call your local office.

Do I need to prepare the site for delivery?

We ask that you provide a level area upon which the shed will sit. If the site is dramatically out of level we will be forced to elevate the low side of the shed up on blocks to level it off. The result will be aesthetically displeasing and potentially not as functional.

What do I need for a foundation?

Nothing (that is assuming your town requires nothing). We supply pressure treated 4×4’s that provide the foundation of your shed. The shed floor will rest on the 4×4’s creating airflow underneath the building. This method is essential in helping to prevent moisture from accumulating under the shed and has contributed greatly to the longevity of our product for over 35 years.

Why do you use 4×4’s and not just concrete blocks?

Blocks do not support the floor continuously; they only provide support at the location of the blocks. Our 4×4’s run the entire length of the building supporting the floor every foot of the way. Shed floors placed solely on blocks will have a greater propensity to sag.

Are your sheds vented?

There are three types of vents a shed could have: gable, ridge and soffit. We use only aluminum soffit vents in our buildings because they are hidden. They perform wonderfully and they are not unsightly like the other two. This is a standard feature in every one of our sheds, not an upgrade.

When you deliver my shed, do you have to drive your truck on my lawn?

No. We can very easily take the shed off the trailer in the driveway or street and roll it to the back yard manually if you prefer.

What if I have a sprinkler system?

Just let us know when we deliver your shed and we will avoid the sprinkler heads (i.e. go around or above them so as not to come in contact).

What are the heights of your sheds?

Every Kempton structure is less than 10 feet in height which in general will conform to most township requirements. Call us for individual shed heights.

Do you offer shelving inside?

Yes. Shelves are one of the options available. They can be installed along the sidewalls inside the shed.

Do you offer a ramp to ride my lawnmower into the shed?

Yes. No matter what size doors you choose there is an optional ramp available. Our ramps are constructed with wood planks and will support your bikes, lawnmower or motorcycle. If you choose to add a ramp to your order we will install it at the same time as the shed installation.

What other options are available to me?

Since we are the manufacturer of your shed, not just a retailer, we can relocate, add or take out windows and doors to meet your needs. Just provide us with the layout and we’ll build it. Other options you might consider are upgraded doors and flower boxes on the windows. < back to top >

Do you offer a “pool shed”?

We build a few different models for use in a pool area. The first is the cabana, which would feature an interior partition and a side door. This creates a changing room so soaking wet swimmers do not have to come in the house to change. Another model we build for use in a pool area is called the pool bar. This structure is more for the purpose of entertaining. We install a big window with removable sashes and a flip-out bar shelf. You add the barstools and cocktails. When not in use the window sashes pop back in to keep out the rain. Our newest addition is called the “Key West” Bar Shed.  This provides a larger front overhang and a fixed 8-foot cedar bar shelf — a must-see!

How strong is the floor in your sheds?

VERY! There is a floor joist every 12 inches underneath flooring made of 5/8 underlayment grade exterior plywood. Compare our floors to any other and you will be sure to see the difference. If you need a big shed to store a heavy automobile then we offer an optional reinforcement of the floor for added measure. Otherwise our standard floor will hold anything you’ve got without a problem.

What are your payment terms?

We gladly accept all major credit cards (up to $500), cash or check. We require a $500 deposit at the time of your order. The balance is due upon delivery we ask that it be paid by cash or check.

Do you offer playhouses?

Why spend $2500 or more on a playhouse that is useless when your child grows out of it? Our 6×8 shed costs far less. It can be used as a playhouse for now and when the little ones grow out of it, you have yourself more storage space!

Unanswered questions? Please call 732-449-8673
or e-mail us: info @ kemptonsheds.com